Aw, it's really sad to see you guys go. Its been awesome keeping up with the announcements!

Thank you, we really appreciate that.
Another project, hm? Go check them out, guys!

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Due to personal and technical issues, RIP Project will officially be discontinued. Thank you for all of the support that has been given towards us. 

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It's a pity you guys put the game on a hiatus, but good luck for you! We're looking forward for your game! ♥(ノ´∀`)

Unfortunately, RIP Project will be discontinued from now on. I’ll be making a post about it in a moment.

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Unfortunately, due to personal and techinical issues, including that the RIP Team has been rather busy as of late due to school and work, Rest in Peace project will be put on an indefinite hiatus until further notice.

We appreciate the support that we’ve been given throughout the development of the project and feedback towards the project, but we need to take a break from the project due to sudden undisclosed issues.

We hope that you understand!

- Red

Did you guys see there's a steam offer going on until June 2? 75% off for the program! :D

Hello my dear! Wow, been a while, hasn’t it?

Yes, we were made aware previously about the offer on RPG Maker VX Ace, sometime yesterday or the day before if memory serves. In that time, most of us purchased the program.

Thank you for letting us know of it as well!

                                                                                         - Gemi

You guys are awesome! :)


You’re too sweet, dear! 

Remember that you’re awesome too, okay? Don’t forget it! \ o / 

- Kiyumi ❣

Top 5 RPG HORROR games you are looking forward to other than your own


We’re all anticipating a few games that may come into production within the following years or so. Do understand that it would be difficult to compress all those games down into a selected choice. Especially when we all have different opinions. 

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How far will you go for an answer, 
How d e e p will you dig for a way? 

— Hey guys, for those of you that are on RPG Maker Forums, I’ve recently made a page in Project Development for Rest in Peace project. You can find it right here!

also psst if you guys want to tag anything that’s RIP related you can tag it either #rest in peace (game), or #RIP (game)
because rest-in-peace doesn’t really work because of the hyphen. Just so you all know! ;;v;;

- Red

Have you seen Sleep the RPG?

Yes, I’ve seen it actually. It looks quite promising— and I’m glad to see the amount of rpg horror games popping up lately! I hope everyone will do their best and end up with the best of their work— 
I hope I phrased that correctly, goodness.
For those who wish to check it out, here is their development blog! 

- Red